Up Coming Campaigns

Rebuilding Family Communication 

Communication between children and parents has been severed to a great extent today. Many children find it difficult to communicate with their parents and vice versa. There are many reasons why this has started to take place and continues to get worse as time passes. Many of these reasons would be the so called “generation gap”, lack of quality time spent as a family or other social reasons. Faulty communications occurs most of the time which makes the atmosphere intense at the household, as irritations increases and tempers flare; communication becomes more and more complicated.

We at The Happy Life Welfare Society plan to initiate a campaign, to help improve communication among parents and children. Workshops would be conducted on communication skills to develop effective communication. 

Awareness Campaign - Save the Environment to- Healing the Earth - Our Attempt to save the Environment

Our youth needs to be aware of, and work on looking after the environment. Every year, the temperatures are going up, ground water levels are going down, and the quality of ground water is deteriorating. The air is becoming more and more loaded with pollutants, making it difficult to breathe and manifesting as respiratory tract problems. This doubles the pressure on today’s youth; they have to deal with the current damage already done by us and also plan to save the natural re sources for their life time and generations to come.

We intend to spread awareness regarding environmental issues and approach it with an analytical and suggestive view. Out job is to make people THINK, think and analyze. Analysis means interactive sessions where we raise issues and discuss them. Discussions do not mean an intellectual debate; we intend to identify limitations and a way out within those limits.

Coping with stress 

A unique programme designed to train the mind to undo stress and create a new pattern of thinking based on ‘Positive thought and Energy’

Awareness of a higher power
Awareness that we are part of a bigger plan
Discovering the individual role in the universal drama
Distinguishing between the role and the actor
Meditative techniques for peace and inner strength
Meditative techniques for healing



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