Spread Some Warmth

This campaign is designed to help those people who live on the roads without much shelter in the extreme cold of Delhi. The weather was severe and dropped down to 3 degrees this winter (December 2011) So we called for help and collected all that we could, blankets, clothes, sheets, and distributed them on the road sides to these people who are suffering from the  cold.

We appealed:

Imagine dying of the cold!! yes people are dying due to extreme cold weather.. your old useless clothes could actually save a life.. join our campaign ''Spread some warmth'' donate old clothes or blankets to us and we will ensure they reach people on the streets who are currently making headlines in Delhi by dying of the cold! come forward your old jacket might save a life!!

People came out to help and we went for three rounds of distribution successfully.

We are grateful to all those who helped.


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