Share your wealth Programme

We all wish and dream of a world where everyone is happy and equally comfortable. Children are well fed and adults have enough to provide for their families. Where illness can be treated without the equation of money but with the equation of suffering, but is this reality around us?

Unfortunately, its not! but if each of us decides to put in our little bit then the reality can be close to such a world. A lot of us are privileged to be in a world where we choose out of cuisines and menus before we eat but there are many who wait to see when they will just get one full meal !

No you are not responsible for it and you worked hard for what you have but you could be responsible for a positive change around you if you were willing to share a tiny bit of your wealth with those who really need it.

The Happy Life Welfare Society launches a new campaign under which you can make a real difference to someone' s life:

"Share Your Wealth Programme"

We will help share your wealth with those who could really benefit. All you need to do is connect with us and let us know time and then what you don't need and give it to us, this could be books, clothes, toys other items or even money. We would then ensure that these goods reach someone on the streets where they are used, treasured and valued.

What would you get in return?

We would give you a letter certifying that you made a donation and helped in social work but what you would actually get is bonus points for good karma rewarded by life.

We can also give you the reassurance that what ever you give us reaches people who need it. We will be the channel through which you share your wealth with those who need it.

In case the donations are in money you will get a tax benefit and you are free to avail real bills to where that money went because this fund will only be used when a needy child or patient needs help in an emergency situation or such causes.

So all the stuff that clutters your home, those old shoes you don't remember you have, let some barefoot receive them and be blessed your soul forever.


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