The Happy Life Welfare Project

The Happy Life Welfare Project is a welfare programme launched by the NGO. We work with the various RWA‘s (Resident Welfare Association) along with a group of volunteers from the colony to achieve a better, healthier, safer and over all happier life for the people.

Aims of this project:

  • Better safety for single women and senior citizens
  • Health and well being of domestic help specially minors and women
  • Proper monitoring of the women who work as domestic help around the colony to ensure better safety measures
  • Health and sanitation facilities for the workers
  • Resolving of cases related to teenage violence, domestic violence and abuse
  • Over all well being of the members and residents of the colony
  • Making efforts to improve the over all quality of day to day life

Working Partners:

  • We plan to achieve the above by working in full co operation of the RWA or other Governing units in the colony
  • We also work closely with a lady police officer deputed for our team by the local PS
  • We set up a team of volunteers who will be selected from the colony members themselves for day to day monitoring and functioning of this project

The Role of The Happy Life Welfare Society:

We will provide all support for this programme including funds from time to time as and when we can and appeal to the local PS to work closely with us. We will monitor the smooth functioning of this project and also provide counselor support for issues related to domestic violence and such. We will support the RWA in any appeals or applications that need to be filed for the welfare of the colony. We will help in setting up a better health and support system for the women and children who work as domestic help. We will help the RWA run programmes and surveys for the proper monitoring of the same. We will make available a help line for single women and senior citizens in the colony with the support of the local PS.

Support Required:

  • We need the full support and cooperation of the RWA as well as the residents of the colony to be able to achieve the above
  • We need cooperation and complete communication with the local PS
  • We require one lady police officer to work with us on the project
  • We will need to hold regular meetings with the volunteers, residents and the RWA to run the programme successfully and smoothly

Working and Implementation of the Project


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