Healing the Earth

This project is mainly supported by young children and is an initiative to incorporate day to day habits in our life which are environmental friendly.

We also run many campaigns under this project which involve tree adoption, planting, green patches in the middle of dry crowded locations of the city, clean and green city etc.

Summer Campaign:

“Healing the Earth” is a campaign run for children during their summer break. This is the time when children enjoy a new activity apart from their usual holiday routine of shopping, movies, malls etc. The aim is to add value to their personality as we take them out in the field and we work together as a team to save our environment.

The Plan of Action:

  1. We spot a location in Delhi that needs plantation and has the resource but is currently not being utilized and is nothing but a barren piece of land near a market, slum, buildings etc.
  2. We make arrangements and take the group of children there along with a ‘Maali’. The spot will be chosen keeping in mind the safety of the children and the group is accompanied by adults.
  3. We plant trees here and appoint volunteers who are willing to take the commitment of looking after the plants for a few days till they are stronger.
  4. We make a second trip after two days to ensure the plants are surviving and are looked after.


  • We are actually making a difference to a location which is currently dry and dirty and also spreading awareness to the people living around it to be more active in looking after their environment.
  • The plantation helps in making the city greener.
  • The children learn the value of plants, how they are planted and how it’s important for us to look after them.
  • This activity will also make the children more aware of the environment and their responsibility towards it.
  • The activity is the first initiative towards launching the larger campaign ‘Healing the Earth’ which will now run all over India.

"Join us and make a difference NOW"

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