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Our Team of Board Members

The Happy Life Welfare Society is run by a team of Board Members. Here is a chance to know us a bit more. We have shared below a small note from each of the Board Members and Founding Members along with a bit of background information. It is a blessing to have on board some highly qualified and committed professionals. All of us have come together with a collective goal of creating a happier life.


I am a Marketing Professional working for Idea Cellular Limited in their Value Added Services department handling Content Alliances for their Music and Non Music Derivatives.

I have done my Executive Programme in Business Management IIM Calcutta and I have also done my Advanced Course in Digital Marketing from IMAI.

I have also worked with organizations like Vodafone Essar, Tata Teleservices, Hungama Mobile and Sony Music

I have done CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities in all the organizations that I have worked with and worked on different projects.

My varied experience gave me an opportunity to work with underprivileged women, children and people without sight.

I have keen interest in working towards upliftment of women and Children. I look forward to my association with The Happy Life Welfare Society as their President and hope to add value with my enthusiasm towards a positive change.

Deepa Jhaveri

Vice - President
Ms. Kanupriya Singh
My role as the Vice President at The Happy Life Welfare Society is more like a thread in a string of pearls. I will support all the members to come together as a team and work towards our goal for a happier life.

My varied experiences in career and my personal life have enabled me to empathize with people from various sectors, age and walks of life. I have been a practicing Vedic Astrologer for many years and have guided and counseled many people through it.

I also have corporate experience in Indian and International firms in the real estate and financial sectors. Public relations, sales and event management have been my key roles.
Fortunately, in my life I have been through many struggles which help me achieve a greater understanding of the struggles the young kids go through.

I have been born and brought up in Delhi and completed my graduation in Sociology Honors from Delhi University in 1995. I have had the blessings to come across many spiritual gurus and to be able to try and understand a higher perspective of life.

Being a single mother has trained me to cope with many issues related to children. I am certain I will be able to create a positive difference in the lives of our young children and also offer support to parents who at times may not be able to cope up with the pressures of today’s lives.

General Secretary:
Ms. Sunieta Ojha
I am a litigation lawyer practicing in the Supreme Court of India. I completed my Bachelors and Masters from Miranda House College and then went on to do a LLB from Law Campus, Faculty of Law, Delhi University.

Thereafter, I was admitted as a member of the Bar.

My primary practice consists of Appellate side of work in Civil, Corporate and Criminal Litigation, Arbitration and Advisory. Apart from my commitment to the legal practice I am also committed to the cause of women, children and other sections of societies which are underprivileged and disadvantaged. I have been awarded Packard Fellowship by International Institute of Education, San Francisco, USA, for my work on promotion of Human Rights of Woman and Children. I serve as a resource person for various NGO’s based in Bihar and Jharkhand, conduct training programames on legal issues and have done some interesting research and writing.

I am looking forward to realizing my goals once again through The Happy Life Welfare Society in the upliftment and betterment of the Indian Youth.

I may be contacted on e-mail at:
I am a practicing clinical psychologist with the Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre, New Delhi, and am primarily involved in the running of a stress clinic and lifestyle management program for the same.

I am also a practicing hypnotherapist and have attained my degree as a ‘Master Hypnotherapist’ from the California Hypnosis Institute of India and trained to be a practitioner of the ‘Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing’ technique aimed at helping trauma- stricken individuals.

I graduated from S.V.T College of Home Science and completed her masters in Clinical Psychology from S.N.D.T women’s university, Mumbai in 2001. I further completed my M. Phil in Clinical Psychology from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, Karnataka in 2004.

I have conducted several workshops on stress management and personality enhancement for high school children and senior level corporate executives. She has also worked with corporate houses like Indian Oil Corporation, BHEL, Bharati Telesoft, IREDA, Hero Honda, Orange Country Services, NTPC; and educational institutions like NIIT, Delhi Public School RK Puram, Convent of Jesus And Mary, Tagore International School, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan to name a few .

Dr. Sree Vidya

Other areas of specialization are:


Individual, Marital, Family and Group Therapies

Child Guidance:

School/College problems: Exam Phobia, Adolescence/Teenage problems, Anxiety reduction and Parenting skills training.


Emotional Disturbance; Interpersonal and Psychological Problems
Sexual Disorders and Dysfunctions.
Anti-smoking, Drugs and Alcohol De-addiction.
Personal Growth and Stress Management Workshops.
Psycho-education Programs
Neuropsychological Assessment and Training.

Psycho-Diagnostic Tests:

Attention/Concentration; Memory

Aptitude and IQ Assessment
Personality profiling.
Specific Learning Disabilities
Neuropsychological Testing.

I am a trained expert in psychometric testing, counseling and performance development. my training equips me to deal with different kinds of people, be they children, adolescents or adults.

My philosophy as a psychotherapist and a psycho diagnostician is to reach out to as many individuals in need by providing them the guidance and assistance they require. I am hoping to achieve this through the various campaigns of The Happy Life Welfare Society. I am actively participating in the current campaign against drug abuse and am helping some teenagers and young adults with de addiction and regaining their lost confidence and enthusiasm to live again.

I am the Treasurer of The happy Life Welfare Society. I finished my graduation earlier this year in Applied Psychology from Delhi University and currently am pursuing my post graduation in Advertising and Public Relations. I have also done Tally and Accounting which will prove useful to me in maintaining accounts as part of my profile.

The reason I am part of this prestigious organization “The Happy Life Welfare Society” is because I recently experienced many ups and downs during my teenage years and I am very aware of the stresses that surround the youth of today. Things have been rapidly changing in the past decade, more so in urban India, and since I have been born and brought up in New Delhi I have great affiliation towards the work this organization aims to do.

The Current campaign of the NGO, ‘Awareness against Drug Abuse’ is very close to my heart as I know the reality of drugs. Many of my friends are trapped in its control, most of them are so into it that it is very difficult for them to get out, their life seems to be headed nowhere and it is very painful for me to see my loved ones like this.

I want to be the one who is able to help them and others. I want to help them to break free from drugs. Hence I have joined this campaign to make an effort to educate young minds about the evils of drug abuse.
Ms.Surabhi Batra
  Founding Members:

Dr. Sumohini, N.D.

I took my Diploma in Naturopathy from AINCF, New Delhi and registered with them as a practitioner. Since then I have been ?a living source of inspiration? to patients suffering from chronic or supposedly incurable diseases at the Nature Cure Hospital in rural Andhra Pradesh and to those who want to remain healthy, since 1992. Now I am based in Delhi.

I informally studied Psychotherapy from Fr. Roman Lewicki (a trained Psychotherapist from U.S.A.)then in Vidya Jyoti, in Delhi. (He is now at XTTI, Patna, Bihar). We both agree that the spiritual aspect to life has to be brought in to be able to rise above what is happening, and grow out of it.

I also trained under Dr.P.Narasimha Reddy, who treated me at the Nature Cure Hospital. He became a spiritual guide to me. I learnt meditation and complicated techniques of Pranayama with Antah and Bahya Kumbhakas from him.

Later, I attended regular camps and courses at Swami Dayananda Ashram at Purani Jhadi, Rishikesh; and Arsha Vidya Gurukulam at Anaikatti, Coimbatore. The teaching of Vedanta, Bhagwad Gita, Sanskrit and mantra chanting was imparted to students along with Meditation in the morning and Yoga in the evening. I also took classes at Arsha Vijnana Gurukulam, Nagpur.

I have been working on different techniques of meditation to calm the mind so that the peace attained with the knowledge of Reality can be experienced. An inner awareness, social awareness and environmental awareness are issues close to my heart. I try to remain connected to the higher power, and live life as an instrument to manifest peace, harmony and happiness.

I am also an Advanced Pranic Healer and practice Chakra psychotherapy.

If I had to use one word to point out the area that needs immediate attention, the word is ENVIRONMENT- internal as well as external.

Internal environment decides whether we are in harmony or disharmony. Disharmony manifests as disturbed minds that might end up in violence and criminality or drug abuse. Drug abuse is one subject that requires immediate attention and action.

This internal environment decides what sort of relationship we have with ourselves, with our family, at our workplace, with the community as a whole; this also decides the relationship between countries, as individuals run the countries and their internal environment will manifest as the actions they take!

External environment decides whether we shall have enough rain (enough food and water on earth for us to survive- electricity for our consumption), tolerable temperatures (that have been going up with each passing year), enough oxygen content for us to survive (pollution levels are also increasing with time).

Our behavior is usually a combination of the external and internal environment. The balance in and around this can often be a challenge. We hope here at The Happy Life Welfare Society to be able to bring more peace to your life as we launch various campaigns that deal with many issues surrounding young adults and teenagers.


Mr. E. Nagaraj

I have been a successful business man in Hyderabad. I run my own software company called Neha Infosys Technologies. I serve as a Director for Neha Infosys Technologies. The company is eight years old pioneered into Web Technologies with a handling of two hundred plus clients from Manufacturing Industries, Pharma, Construction Companies etc all across Andhra Pradesh.

I am also the Owner and CEO of
Neha Realtors, a real estate consulting company specializing in sales and property management in Hyderabad. I started this company in May 2007, during one of the deepest recessions on record. Since then, Neha Realtors has grown to be one of the largest service providers in real estate companies in Hyderabad during peak season.

I under went a personal set back when I lost my wife on November 2006, who was suffering from cancer and have been handling my two children single handedly ever since. During this course of single parenting I faced many issues and also connected to the stresses the young kids go through in today’s world. This personal experience with children has urged me to know and learn more about them.

When I realized that The Happy Life Welfare Society is set up with the aim to work on various issues with adolescent children I was keen to support and work with them. I am looking forward to taking counselor support for me and also help in setting up and running of this NGO.

I may be contacted on e-mail at:


Ms. Shilpi Roy
I am one of the founding members of The Happy Welfare Society. I finished my graduation this year and am studying law from Delhi University at present.

I am part of this NGO because i have recently been through that age where one feels tempted by the 'fun' and 'coolness' drugs promise. It is just about the choices we make, and I feel I can help teens to understand how consumption of drugs harms not only the person who is taking them, but also affects a lot of people around them in more than one ways.

We are here not only for the teens who are victims of drug abuse, but also to spread awareness among the parents on how to tackle the problem. Only admonishing the child is not enough, situations like these need to be handled delicately, and we are here as a helping hand.

I can understand the pressure and stress the youngsters face today, and drugs seem like the perfect escape from it all. We are here to educate the youngsters that escaping their problems is not the solution, facing them is.
I sincerely hope that we are able to make a difference in the youngsters, and help in securing the planet's future.

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