The Happy Life Welfare Society: Aims and objectives

The Happy Life Welfare Society aims to focus on the youth of today, who are under a lot of pressure, given the present socio- economic and environmental conditions, combined with aggressive competition. These pressures may be academic, parental, societal, peer, economical, etc. Add to this, the exposure to worldwide cultures and ways of life through television, with no guidelines for them to understand what is appropriate and what is inappropriate. Demands of contemporary life shown by media, do not match with our cultural or ethical values; joint family system has crumbled down under the economic pressures of today and in most cases, both parents have to work. Children might have, comparatively more comforts but they have to compromise on the quality of emotional life, which leaves them more vulnerable emotionally.

Having a need to fit in somewhere, to feel accepted and ‘belong’ to a group of people, many children today succumb to peer pressure in many harmful ways. This may cause a conflict of image within and many of these youngsters change the way they look or talk. Many alter their behavior patterns to become better suited to their social groups or so called ‘friends’. Some of these changes may often include the use of alcohol, smoking and in many cases even drug abuse.

Rise in the cost of living, smaller returns from agriculture, and unemployment has increased migration of people from smaller towns into big cities. This leads to many youngsters living alone in a new culture, with a different set of values than their small city. This difference also causes conflict within, and with usually no support from family in these matters, the youngsters do not know or understand how to resolve this conflict, and more often than not, end up doing things that harm instead of help.

The Indian family system has gone through many changes over the past decades leading to a nuclear family system. This puts additional pressures on the parents, and in many cases, they are not able to have a proper communication with the child. This lack of communication often causes the child to feel lonely, as they are unable to share these conflicts, confusions and stresses with the family. This gives rise to feelings of abandonment, helplessness and frustration, especially among adolescents, leading usually to unresolved psychological issues, thus creating a drift from the family. The children feel lost and often take refuge in alcohol, drug abuse etc.

Our aim is to help these young adults understand that the refuge in the above addictions brings only temporary relief, whereas resolving the underlying issues actually leads to a ‘Happy Life’.

Another important factor that our youth needs to be aware of, and work upon is environment. Every year, the temperatures are going up, ground water levels are going down, and the quality of ground water is deteriorating. The air is becoming more and more loaded with pollutants, making it difficult to breathe and manifesting as respiratory tract problems. This doubles the pressure on today’s youth; they have to deal not only with emotional and financial issues, they also need to think about basic survival needs like water and clean air.

We intend to spread awareness regarding such social, environmental and psychological issues that most of us face today. The approach is analytical and suggestive. Our job is to make people THINK, think and analyze. Analysis means interactive sessions where we raise issues and discuss them. Discussions do not mean an intellectual debate; we intend to identify limitations and a way out within those limitations; for example, in most situations, it is quite apparent that things will be okay if … (someone other than me) did/ did not do this/ that. We try to find out what WE can do about any issue facing us. We intend to extend help in achieving it through creating growth promoting environment, guidance and support.

How do we do it?

• Through forums- lectures, talks, presentations, skits etc.
• Visits to schools and colleges
• Expand our support group to cover different states
• Provision to fix appointments with the counselor seeking advice
• Brochures and hand-bills
• Through our website where material will be available to read and think

We hope to achieve all of the above and more with the growing support of each of you and a larger vision of a better happier life for our future generation.


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